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A report entitled "The Myth That The Schools Shortchange Girls: Social 
Science in the Service of Deception" is available at:

Below is a short description of the report.
The Myth That Schools Shortchange Girls: Social Science in the Service of 
Deception, by Judith Kleinfeld

Research Report, Womens Freedom Network

Womens advocacy groups have waged an intense media campaign to promote the 
idea that the schools shortchange girls. Their sophisticated public 
relations campaign has succeeded. The idea that girls are victimized by the 
schools has become the common wisdom. In this comprehensive review of the 
research on gender differences and educational outcomes, Judith Kleinfeld, 
professor of psychology at the University of Alaska, challenges this 
stereotype. It is girls who consistently get higher grades in school, she 
points out. Girls do dramatically better than boys on standardized tests of 
reading achievement and writing skills. The math and science gap in favor of 
males is closing while the far greater reading and writing gap in favor of 
females is not. Women now form the majority of college students and 
African-American women far surpass their male counterparts in success in 
higher-education. The much-vaunted gender differences in self-esteem and 
classroom participation, Kleinfeld points out, rest on shaky grounds and may 
involve outright deception. The report shows how this stereotype infects 
day-to-day classroom practice and harms both boys and girls. 72 pp.
CONTACT: Judith Kleinfeld, College of Liberal Arts, University of Alaska 
Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775. Telephone: 907-474-5266; e-mail


Judith Kleinfeld 
Director, Northern Studies 
Professor of Psychology 
College of Liberal Arts 
University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775 
Telephone: 907-474-5266 
Fax: 907-474-5817 
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